Learning Innovations

The Quest App e-learning platform; the Innovation Lab focused on experimentation & prototyping of ideas; along with Systems, Processes & Tools for organizational efficiency & effectiveness come together to form the Quest Experience Lab - our innovation engine. Our aim is to design solutions to bring the most relevant and contextual learning experiences to our last mile users.

Quest App: The Haryana Story


Over 74,000 users were onboarded on Quest App from the Skills Development and Industrial Training (SDIT) department, Haryana, with the objective of taking life skills and employability skills to every learner in the ITI ecosystem. Through the year, we have aided the department and trainers by providing real-time data of learner progress and engagement on the App. Quest played an important role in driving deep learner engagement and worked alongside the DGT, Principals, trainers and other key stakeholders to deliver contextual and relevant content, and continues to pool in efforts to make learning accessible to all.

Optimization through Systems, Processes and Tools

With the mandate to build and enhance Quest alliance’s overall vision and strategy for technology, the newest addition to the Quest Experience Lab - Systems and Process Architecture - assesses how things are currently done, identifies issues, and gaps, paints a vision for what the future could look like, and then bridges the gap by putting in place the right technology and process solutions. Key focus areas will include an automated Partner Management System, and an integrated Budgeting and Spends Management system. Process and tools for the Knowledge Management Framework, as well as standardizing Product and Project Management within the organization will be another key area of focus.

Quest App: Optimizing Technology for Scale

To further our efforts in making learning, skilling and employment opportunities available at scale for different ecosystems, Quest App has been redesigned to cater to more diverse programmatic needs by moving from a monolithic architecture to that of a microservice-based architecture. We can now optimize our solutions, and this new technology allows greater scalability, continuous development, better flexibility, and more resilience and robustness in our solutions. This shift also opens doorways for collaboration and integrations with 3rd party softwares.

Creating Virtual Learning Spaces and Identifying Ways to Increase Learner Engagement

The innovation lab is an experimentation space that provides a platform for people to convene, discuss ideas, build prototypes and test them. This year, the lab led a hackathon to identify ways to make digital sessions more engaging. It led to a blueprint for digital lessons consisting of 30 unique, specific and actionable ideas. These ideas were also piloted at Sama Foundation, Padarayanapura, where we saw a whopping jump in student participation from 20% to 70% in digital sessions.


"Through Quest App I learnt the difference between a job and a career. This has changed my idea about getting a job. I know more about career development now. I am excited to learn more about the world of work."

Divya, Student at Sama Foundation, Bangalore