Quest 2 Learn provides a platform to the concept of self-learning and focuses on building knowledge and innovation in the school to work ecosystem. Q2L maps the emerging trends governing the future of work and learning. It also creates opportunities for diverse stakeholders to partake in the conversation to make space for innovative and emergent ideas through an ongoing engagement.

The Annual Q2L summit took place from 25 August to 27 August, 2021

This year, we spoke about the implications of COVID-19 on the education ecosystem, the role of education technology in self-learning environments, and the Future of Work and successful transitions for India’s youth.

Self-learning: Concepts, Principles & Strategies

This paper explores key factors that help restore learning agency and authority where it belongs -- with the learner.

With support from Bank of America and Fossil Foundation, we interviewed educators, learners, and practitioners, compiled our learnings from the last decade, and put together key self-learning concepts, principles and strategies to reimagine education.

The paper is focused on stakeholders, who work tirelessly to change the way we learn and help nurture learners to be truly prepared for an uncertain future.

Enabling Effective School To Work Transitions: COVID-19 And Beyond

To participate effectively in increasingly complex societies and globalized economy that characterize today’s world, young learners need a host of new skills. With support from HT Parekh Foundation, we interviewed experts, school stakeholders and non-profits to find out how India's education systems provide these 21st century skills.

This paper outlines the crises of learning disruptions, and explores ways to mitigate that by integrating 21st century skills into India's school ecosystem.

Songs and Stories, July 2021

Q2L's Songs and Stories was a curtain raiser for the #Quest2Learn annual summit. It brought together different narratives on learning from from the point of views of learners, educators, parents, school leaders and government functionaries.

Each of these presenters, shared their recent experiences with learning journeys -- some created blended learning environments, helped educators and learners pivot to digital learning; some are changing perceptions about learning processes, learning environments, and spotlighting the role of family and community in learning.