Middle Schools

The Anandshala Programme creates an ecosystem of joyful and socio-emotional learning in the public education system, promoting 21st-century skills among learners. The program focuses on a school and community-based approach, building leadership within the Education system, focusing on skill development, and facilitating collective actions promoting education-based technology and innovations.

Prioritizing Adolescent Well-being and Agency

With an aim to build not only the agency of adolescent girls, but also their well-being, the Anandshala programme in Jharkhand has been intervening in schools and the larger community through youth clubs. The focus of these clubs has been on self-employment, the prevention of early marriage, their rights, well-being and health, re-enrolment in schools, and building parental support for the same.

As a part of the programme 11 Adolescent Health Days (AHD) were organized in Deogarh, with a focus on social-emotional well-being, physical growth and menstrual hygiene. 1094 Adolescent girls participated in the event, which was organized in collaboration with the District Civil hospital.


Adolescents Health Day organised at the Health Center in Mathurapur, Deoghar.

Government Collaborations through Project Sampoorna

A MOU was signed between the Jharkhand State Government and the Sampoorna Consortium - of which Quest Alliance is a partner - to drive Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) in government schools. This undertaking will support the holistic child development goals as envisioned in National Education Policy 2020 and various Government initiatives including the flagship school health and wellness program. The Project is executed with Government leadership and through the active support of the consortium. Quest is demonstrating integration of SEL in the school process with educators from 60 residential and non-residential schools in 5 districts of Jharkhand. Through Sampoorna, we reached out to 27,379 students.


Our Project Sampoorna Consortium signs an MOU with the Jharkhand State Government at JEPC office in Ranchi.

From School Leaders to Change Leaders: Blended Learning Programs

The Blended Learning Program aims to build the capacity of school leaders. The program intends to develop the identities of school heads as ‘Change Leaders’ by equipping them with 21st-century leadership life skills to create joyful and inclusive learning spaces. Four Modules on building leadership skills for Head Teachers were developed and testing of the modules has been initiated in Samastipur district of Bihar. During this year, we worked with 108 School Leaders in 7 Blocks of Samastipur districts.

M learning: Building Learning Behaviour through IVRS

Quest Alliance undertook an action research project to build a framework for mobile learning (Mlearning), providing easy access to learning materials through mobile devices. The initiative also strengthens the effectiveness of our IVRS strategy enabling two-way communication and building learning behaviors that helps Adolescent Girls (AGs) access Mlearning effectively.

We connected with parents through the IVRS initiative, promoting education for Girls, focusing on learning at home, creating a non-biased attitude towards technology and creating awareness on child labour. We encouraged parents to support their children in learning and promoted the idea of 21st-century skills. We also shared information on various issues faced by adolescent girls in a sensitive manner, thereby creating awareness among the community. Through our IVRS initiative we reached out to 16,373 parents.


“The Anandshala team successfully established a friendly learning environment in Samastipur, which is commendable. The environment resulted in a positive attitude of teachers and headmasters, setting examples for not only Samstipur but for other districts.”

- Madan Rai, District Education Officer, Samastipur